[Mi Band 2] We Evaluated MiFit and Third Party App, What’s the Best?

After weeks of use, I’ve been able to try various applications for the beloved Mi Band 2 of Xiaomi’s home. We will first evaluate the official application available on Google Play and App Store, Mi Fit, and then we will see 2 of the most used apps and which I think are the best.

Mi Fit: Compared to the previous versions now it incorporates many more features and settings that might be very useful when using this device. First of all the usual tools for Alarm Clock and Application notifications. Running it’s really well done, with the ability to set Tapis Roulant or racing with the shared GPS of the cellphone. It respects very well the steps taken, the distance traveled, and the calories burned during exercise. Despite relatively little cost thanks to Mi Fit, you can monitor your training sessions more or less in detail.

Notify and Fitness for Mi Band: App designed to enable smart fitness with many other features such as seeing the name of the caller, personalizing the notification icons, keeping track of heart rate, customizing a timer, from one song to another in app like Spotify, Deezer using the taps of the button. In the face of these enormous potentials I found the program really complicated to configure and at all immediate. Definitely a great app for those $ 2.49 that costs you if you buy the Premium Package, but it’s not easy to set up. (I also had trouble keeping the connection since sometimes my band 2 disconnected and could no longer interact with the app).

Mi Band 2 Func Button: Very similar to the one just described, it offers a much smaller interface and I would say even more rudimentary. But in spite of this, I am currently using more, since what works well and how configuration is really immediate. It does more or less everything I’ve listed for Notify and Fitness and more we have the option to enter a range within the timer, which really makes a very useful thing to me. I did not have any disconnection problems, but I always keep it for a long time while exercising.


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