Coupons selected on Aliexpress: What are they and how to use them

By browsing on Aliexpress, you will have to win new coupons, which you may not have seen before, which are called Coupon Selected. These coupons are very special because they can be combined with each other, always based on product and shop you buy.

The main novelty of these coupons is therefore the one that can be added to each other. Currently, these coupons are not very much demanded by sellers, but if you notice they are expanding to the full range of stores on the site.

So how do you know which shop accepts the use of these coupons, and how much can you save on the chosen number? Well, what you’ll have to do at the time of purchase will be to check if the coupon icon chosen, that is:

icona coupon scelti.PNG

is marked next to the add to cart button and the product is purchased. If so, you will see in the conditions the amount of dollars to spend to use the coupons and how much is the discount amount available.


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