[Aliexpress] I made an order but parcel tracking does not working

Have you made an order on Aliexpress but after a few days tracking does not give you any results? Here is a brief guide on what you should do when you are in this situation.

Definitely as a first point, do not be alarmed, it may be normal, not all tracking services are updated in a timely manner so you may receive the first feedback in a few days.

If it passes more than a week and still shows that the tracking does not match the actual one, you may start having doubts about the seller’s actual shipment. This alarm could be justified if the product you took is considerably discounted (not 1 cent promotions). You may think that you have been cheated, so in this case the solution to the problem is there, and if you are right, your money will go back. In this case, what you have to do is open a dispute by including the motivation for the tracking that does not return any result. After a few days the seller will probably answer you or give you the correct tracking or giving you a proof of shipment. If it does not arrive, wait a few days until Aliexpress will deal with the case and return the money back.

Do not abuse this policy as you face many open disputes with your banned account so you will be forced to create a new one. So use it when the need arises.


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